Tesla Sweden strike escalates as union gains more support

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The strike against Tesla Sweden is escalating as the IF Metall union gains support from more organizations, including Seko, Fastighets, and the Swedish Trade Union Confederation (LO).

The Real Estate Employee’s Union, Fastighets, has already stated that it will stop cleaning Tesla premises in Sweden. Shortly after Fastighets’ announcement, Seko indicated it would stop delivering packages to Tesla’s workshops and offices nationwide. 

According to Seko’s official announcement on the matter, it will block deliveries and collection of shipments to or from Tesla’s offices and workshops made by PostNord and CityMail. The blockade will include letters, packages, and pallets. Some blocked shipments may impede work at Tesla service centers in Sweden. 

Seko’s union President, Gabriella Lavecchia, stated that the company will stand by IF Metall during its fight against Tesla Sweden

“By refusing to comply with the rules of the game here in Sweden, Tesla is trying to gain competitive advantages by giving the workers worse wages and conditions than they would have with a collective agreement,” Seko’s union President said. 

Like Lavecchia, many believe that Tesla’s refusal to sign a collective agreement may shatter the current model Sweden has to address wages and workers’ rights. The Chairman of LO, Susanna Gideonsson, shares similar sentiments. LO declared it is prepared to escalate the conflict surrounding Tesla Sweden. It is ready to drive Tesla out of Sweden if it does not sign a collective agreement. 

“Yes, if it goes that far, it’s sad, but we are. The alternative is that everyone else who is doing the same things in the same industry can avoid their collective agreements,” Gideonsson said. 

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Tesla Sweden strike escalates as union gains more support
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