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Tesla tire safety comes into focus in new update

Credit: Tesla

Tesla has added a new feature in its most recent update that relates to tire safety, specifically tracking the mileage on your rubber and notifying you of when it might be time for a fresh set.

Tires are arguably the most important part of vehicle safety in the sense that without properly fitting rubber or overworn tires, your car won’t operate to its best ability, nor will you or other occupants be able to have peace of mind when traveling, even in the most ideal conditions.

However, in today’s day and age, too many people are not aware of how often you should change your tires. Kelley Blue Book suggests that drivers change their tires every 50,000 miles, meaning they will log between three and five years of use before needing to be replaced. Of course, rotations and other maintenance, like checking air pressure levels to ensure proper inflation, are also necessary to ensure proper safety.

Even still, it can become too much for some drivers to keep track of, so Tesla is adding a new feature to monitor tire health, according to Not a Tesla App.

The feature is a part of Tesla’s 2023.20 Software Update and is easily accessible through the Controls menu.

Tesla’s Official Release Notes for the feature state:

“Go to Controls > Service to see how many miles it’s been since your last tire service.

When you get your tires rotated, replaced, or swapped, tap ‘Reset’ to reset the counter.”

Vehicle safety is consistently improved upon in Tesla vehicles with frequent feature additions, and they go well past things that would prevent an accident.

For example, Tesla recently added a new feature that would allow drivers to disable passive authentication, which would prevent a vehicle from unlocking in the event that someone with ill intentions is nearby and could take advantage of the unlocked vehicle when the owner is nearby.

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Tesla tire safety comes into focus in new update
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