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Tesla bull Jim Cramer tells the hard truth about why Wall St is missing the TSLA picture

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Tesla’s (NASDAQ:TSLA) third-quarter earnings report proved that Elon Musk’s electric car company has matured into a force of nature that is so resilient, even a literal pandemic couldn’t bring it down. As of Thursday’s close, Tesla stock is up over 400%, a testament to the company’s capability to prove its critics wrong at every turn. Yet even amidst these results, Tesla still has a good number of skeptics on Wall St, many of whom are still unable to wrap their heads around the company and its performance. 

For Tesla bear-turned-bull Jim Cramer of CNBC’s Mad Money, the company’s current state is a matter of its products and Elon Musk. During the Q3 earnings call, Cramer noted that Musk was extremely restrained. There was no hyperbole, no eccentricity, no drama — Musk was just a CEO who was reporting on Tesla’s best quarter yet, and he was simply a leader who still believes that the best is yet to come. The Mad Money host further mentioned that Elon Musk almost sounded humble and gracious as he thanked his employees, suppliers, and investors for helping Tesla achieve its remarkable milestones. 

With Tesla having a valuation that is far above some of its competitors combined, auto analysts and critics are having a very difficult time justifying the company’s market cap as an automaker today. Cramer argues that critics are missing the big picture, as Tesla has already transcended the auto industry. Just as explained by the company’s bulls, Tesla is more of a tech company now than it is an automaker. And when compared to other companies in the tech sector, Tesla’s $397 billion market cap makes sense. This is especially true considering that Tesla’s products sell themselves, and Elon Musk is a visionary whose brilliance lies in tangible innovation. 

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“At this point, Tesla has transcended the auto industry. It is a tech company. It’s figured out how to store clean energy and then use it to fuel cars and who knows what else. Most automakers have to spend more money advertising than Tesla spends on building new factories. They blanket the airwaves with ads that no one wants to see, not even the ones voiced by the great John Slattery. Tesla, on the other hand, doesn’t need to advertise.” 

“They failed to understand the scale of the opportunity that Tesla held out to individual investors like you, including the younger ones, we call them the Robinhood kind, who’ve taken the market by storm. These analysts did not grasp the younger generation’s more optimistic ethos. To them, Musk is a rebel with a cause — the cause of observable excellence. Not social media mystique or cloud brilliance, but actual metal-bent-around brilliance,” Cramer said. 

But even more importantly, the Mad Money host explained that for many retail investors today, Tesla is something far more than a simple venture to put money in. Over the years, and as it battled its way to the top, Tesla and its clean energy vehicles have essentially become symbols of hope and optimism. Tesla is a story of American ingenuity, and as it continues to reach new heights, it is becoming proof that even the everyman investor could make a lot of money if he or she supports a company with a revolutionary product and a CEO who is willing to put it all on the line. 

“The analysts couldn’t understand that Tesla’s more than just a vehicle. It’s a vehicle of hope in a miasma of gloom. Musk even made it easier for individual investors to get in by splitting the stock. Now it’s not a cult stock like I once thought. That was wrong. It’s a story of American ingenuity, probably a lot like Henry Ford when he first burst on the scene with his universal car. Except with a much cleaner engine and without Henry Ford’s trademark anti-semitism. 

“Here’s the bottom line. When it comes to Tesla, the doubters were wrong and the believers were right. Those believers are not the rich, cautious state preachers of index fund handcuffs. They’re the individual investors who are sick and tired of being told that they’re stupid, too stupid to manage their own money. Turns out they can make a lot of money when you buy stock at a great company with a visionary CEO and a revolutionary product. That shouldn’t take so many people by surprise, and I hope it doesn’t after this shimmering star that is Elon Musk’s Tesla,” Cramer declared.  

Watch Jim Cramer’s recent Mad Money segment in the video below. 

Tesla bull Jim Cramer tells the hard truth about why Wall St is missing the TSLA picture
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