(Updated) Tesla features upgraded Model 3 Highland in US test drive page

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Update: Tesla has now updated its US test drive page, reverting the Model 3 Highland image to the all-electric sedan’s previous generation.

Tesla has subtly rolled out an update to its Model 3 test drive page in the United States. As observed by electric vehicle watchers, the Model 3’s US test drive page no longer features the previous generation Model 3. Instead, the page now features a red upgraded Model 3 Highland. The update has furthered speculations that the US release of the updated all-electric sedan may indeed be coming soon.

Observations about the update to Tesla’s US Model 3 test drive page were shared by EV enthusiasts on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter. Interestingly enough, only the United States’ test drive page currently shows the Model 3 Highland. Other territories whose Model 3 sedans are supplied by the Fremont Factory, such as Canada, still feature the previous generation vehicle. 

Tesla also seems to have updated the images of the Model S, Model X, and Model Y on its US test drive page. Unlike other territories where the Model 3 S3XY lineup were represented by simple avatars, the US test drive page featured aesthetic photos of each vehicle, as well as a short description of each car’s characteristics. This, if any, seems to suggest that the Model 3 Highland image on the US test drive page was not a mistake. 

Sightings of the upgraded Model 3 Highland in the United States have been increasing in frequency over the past weeks. Interestingly, some of the vehicles that have been sighted in the wild featured badges from Tesla China and VINs suggesting that they were produced at the Fremont Factory. Some Model 3 Highland units in the wild also feature decals showing that they are engineering vehicles. 

The Model 3 Highland was unveiled in late August 2022, and since then, the upgraded all-electric sedan has been exclusive to areas that are supplied by Gigafactory Shanghai. Since then, the vehicle’s impending US release has been highly-anticipated. The Model 3, after all, is arguably Telsa’s most fun car to drive. It is also the company’s second best-selling vehicle.

Highland 3
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Speculations about the Model 3 Highland’s US debut have been emerging as of late. Just recently, a user in the r/TeslaMotors subreddit — whose identity as a Tesla employee was reportedly verified by the subreddit’s moderators — suggested that an announcement about the upgraded Model 3 will be made later this month. The user also teased that the Model 3 Highland’s release in the United States would initially be focused on the base RWD variant

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(Updated) Tesla features upgraded Model 3 Highland in US test drive page
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