Tesla Cybertruck drives through Boring Company tunnel — a lot easier this time around

Credit: The Boring Company/X

The official Las Vegas X account recently posted about a rather unique vehicle that’s been sighted at The Boring Company’s Vegas Loop system. The vehicle was the Cybertruck, which, thanks to its brutalist design and cold steel exterior, definitely fit the Vegas Loop’s futuristic Cyberpunk theme. 

As could be seen in the video posted by the City of Las Vegas, the all-electric pickup truck looked like it was able to maneuver fairly easily through the Vegas Loop’s rather narrow tunnels. Photos of the vehicle taken inside the Vegas Loop showed that there was still ample space in the tunnel despite the Cybertruck being inside.

The Cybertruck’s video at the Vegas Loop highlights the changes to the all-electric truck’s size that have been implemented over the years. Back in 2020, automotive legend Jay Leno took the original Cybertruck prototype with Tesla CEO Elon Musk for a spin during a segment for Jay Leno’s Garage. As part of their drive, the pair drove the original Cybertruck prototype through a Boring Company tunnel. 

At the time, Elon Musk joked that he was not sure if the Cybertruck would fit inside the Boring Company tunnel. A video of the pair’s trip showed that Leno, who was behind the wheel of the all-electric pickup truck, had to very carefully navigate the Cybertruck through the narrow tunnel. Thanks to the Cybertruck’s size reduction, this no longer seems to be necessary today, as could be seen in Las Vegas’ post on X.

For context, the original Cybertruck prototype was a massive vehicle, with a length of 231.7 inches, a width of 79.8 inches, and a height of 75 inches. The production Cybertruck, as listed by Tesla on its official website, has been adjusted to an overall length of 223.7 inches, a width of 86.6 inches with the mirrors folded, and an overall height of 70.5 inches. The Vegas Loop’s tunnels, on the other hand, feature an inner diameter of 12 feet. 

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Tesla Cybertruck drives through Boring Company tunnel — a lot easier this time around
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