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Tesla rumored to be purchasing wireless charging company Wiferion

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Tesla is rumored to be purchasing wireless charging company Wiferion, a Freiberg, Germany-based entity with charging and power solutions.

Wiferion describes itself as “the industry’s leading supplier of automated, wireless power supply systems.” The company has worked to provide over 100 companies with wireless charging solutions since 2015, when it initially started developing products.

Wiferion entered the North American market after reaching a global licensing agreement with WiTricity last year, which unveiled its wireless charging tech using a Tesla last year.

A report from Gründerszene/Business Insider states that Wiferion is set to offload its business to Tesla International BV, a filing in the German Commercial Register indicates. “The shareholders intend to sell their shares in the company to Tesla International BV by means of a purchase agreement,” the filing said.

Tesla International BV is a wholly-owned subsidiary that operates out of the Netherlands.

The publication went on to ask two Wiferion investors if the sale was taking place, and they confirmed it but would not say what company the deal would be with.

The deal could be a work in progress toward Tesla’s wireless charging device, which it seemed to quietly unveil during the Shareholder Meeting earlier this year. Tesla showed a vehicle sitting above a wireless charging pad in a garage, seemingly hinting toward a wireless charging module that would soon be on the way.

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Tesla has used company acquisitions as a means to move certain projects forward in the past. In 2019, Tesla acquired Maxwell Technologies, only to sell it a couple of years later in 2021. It also bought Hibar Systems in late 2019.

Both of these purchases were groundbreaking moves to help Tesla develop in-house battery cells, which it produces at several of its manufacturing locations, including in California and Texas.

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Tesla rumored to be purchasing wireless charging company Wiferion
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