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Top 15 questions Tesla investors want answered during the Cyber Roundup 2022


Tesla’s (NASDAQ:TSLA) upcoming annual shareholding meeting is quite unique. Based on trademark filings from the company and its scheduled livestream on YouTube, Tesla seems to be rebranding its annual meeting of stockholders as the “Cyber Roundup.” Needless to say, the excitement surrounding the meeting is notable. 

Tesla’s annual shareholder meetings typically involve the company and its stockholders voting on a number of topics, from proposals and ongoing programs to the members of the board of directors. But after the voting is over, Tesla typically engages in an extensive question and answer portion where executives such as CEO Elon Musk address concerns and inquiries from several shareholders. 

Similar to the company’s quarterly earnings calls, Tesla is also using investor communication platform Say to gather a number of questions that the company may address in the Cyber Roundup. Following are the Top 15 questions that Tesla investors wish to be addressed in the 2022 annual shareholder meeting. 

  1. How does Tesla intend to utilize cash in the coming few years? Will Tesla increase CAPEX, share buybacks, dividends, or acquisitions? 
  2. How many factories are necessary to achieve a long-term target of 20 million vehicles per year? 
  3. When the Cybertruck pricing is released, will all who ordered before it was taken down be grandfathered in or have to reconfigure? When will pricing be released? 
  4. How is Tesla viewing the geopolitical risk between the US and China? 
  5. What is the real estate strategy for Superchargers and Tesla restaurant locations across the US? 
  6. With peak inflation behind us, are you now seeing recession as a challenge sometime in 2023? If yes, beyond layoffs, how is Tesla preparing for it? 
  7. When will the Semi be available? 
  8. What impacts will the upcoming EV tax credit for 2023 have on the demand and pricing of Tesla vehicles? 
  9. Is the new Master Plan ready What will Tesla focus on for the next 5 to 10 years? 
  10. When will 4680 output match your original yield and velocity (daily output) targets? 
  11. When can we see the final design/features for Cybertruck, Semi, & Roadster, and when will they each target 1st production deliveries? 
  12. Does Tesla have plans to produce a home HVAC system? What is the timeline for Tesla HVAC, and what are the limiting factors for production? 
  13. Is it looking likely that we’ll see a working prototype of Optimus at AI Day 2? Any idea of the timetable from prototype to first practical use, either in-house or commercially? 
  14. Is there a point within the next 2-3 years, given the potential cash generation incoming, where you could see Tesla start buying back shares and/or issue a dividend? 
  15. Have you confirmed supply for 2023’s planned production?

Prior to Tesla’s move to Texas, the company typically holds its annual meeting of stockholders in California, at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. With Gigafactory Texas now being Tesla’s new headquarters, however, it makes sense for the electric vehicle maker to hold some of its most important events on the complex. The moniker “Cyber Roundup,” if any, definitely fits Tesla’s new Texas roots. 

The full list of questions that Tesla shareholders have submitted on Say can be accessed here.

Disclaimer: I am long TSLA.

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Top 15 questions Tesla investors want answered during the Cyber Roundup 2022
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