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Tosca Musk says she’s incredibly proud of her older brother Elon Musk

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Passionflix CEO and Founder, Tosca Musk, shared that she is incredibly proud of her older brother, Tesla and SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk. Her support came during an interview with The Sunday Times.

Tosca’s company, Passionflix, is a premium streaming service focusing on romance. It focuses on bringing romance novels to life on the screen. She told The Sunday Times that she strongly advocates positive storytelling.

“I think we need more stories about love and hope. We have enough sad and depressing movies out there. I hate violence.”


Tosca’s Proud Of Her Brother, Elon

Tosca shared that she doesn’t like it when her children hear negative jokes on YouTube about her brother. And they also don’t understand why people would say harsh things about their uncle. Honestly, I get that. I think Elon is one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. Tosca said she’s proud of her older brother and that his goals to help humanity are beyond what anyone can imagine.

“I’m incredibly proud of my older brother. He is a phenomenon. He’s exceptional in so many ways and his goals to help humanity are beyond anything that anybody can imagine. So there’s no taint at all.”

Tosca also shared how Elon described just how hard it was to land a rocket. “He’s like, ‘Tosca, it’s like taking a pencil. And there’s an eraser on the one side and I want you to throw it up in the air and I want you to land it on that eraser.’ I was like, ‘You can’t do that.’ But he did it.”

You can read Tosca’s full interview here.


Meeting Tosca Musk

Tosca Musk and Johnna Crider at Tesla’s Cyber Rodeo in Austin, TX.

I briefly met Tosca during Tesla’s Cyber Rodeo event in April. Tesla graciously invited me to attend and I actually got to meet Tosca, Maye, and Kimbal Musk. The one thing I remember about Tosca is that just like Elon, she radiates kindness and love. She gave me a bit of good advice as well.


Elon Musk Loves Humanity

Elon Musk is the type of person that one either loves or hates. It seems that there is no in-between. I think it’s obvious where I stand and I’m very open about my support of him. He was kind enough to allow me to interview him in person at Giga Texas during the end-of-quarter rush for Q2.

I agree with Tosca that Elon Musk had done a lot for her to be proud of. And he is a phenomenal person. I’ll end this article with a favorite quote from Elon Musk about humanity.

“I love humanity and I think that we should fight for a good future for humanity. I think we should be optimistic about the future and fight to make that optimistic future happen.”


Tosca Musk says she’s incredibly proud of her older brother Elon Musk
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