Unplugged Performance now offers the ultimate Tesla suspension upgrade

Credit: Unplugged Performance

Unplugged Performance has released its ultimate Tesla suspension upgrade, the all-new Ohlins X UP TTS performance suspension setup.

Suspension is currently one of the best upgrades you can make on an electric vehicle. Due to their generally higher curb weight, a good performance suspension setup can keep the car planted and controlled, no matter how big the bump or turn you take. Unplugged Performance has been one such place to get these upgrades for your Tesla for years. But they are taking it to another level with the Ohlins TTS performance suspension setup.

Stock Tesla Suspension –

This performance suspension setup works entirely differently from the stock suspension found on any stock Tesla. The stock suspension found on a Tesla Model 3 or Tesla Model Y is relatively rudimentary. A cylinder filled with liquid resists compression when the wheel goes up or down, and a spring pushes that cylinder down to reset after every bounce.

The suspension in the Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X is far more complex. These vehicles are equipped with air suspension, whereby a small rubber bag inside a spring on each wheel is inflated and deflated to control ride height and stiffness. And in the case of Tesla products, through camera sensing, these vehicles can even react to the road surface the car “sees.”

The Ohlins suspension works more similarly to the stock suspension found on the Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y. The “coilover” suspension setup means that the spring is still placed over the cylinder to be compressed, but in this case, the rate at which the spring compresses, the rate at which the cylinder compresses, the ride height, and much more are both adjustable and perfectly designed for your car and the track.

Credit: Unplugged Performance
Credit: Unplugged Performance

The $15,000 Difference –

Via their partnership with Ohlins, Unplugged Performance is now offering the “pinnacle” of Tesla performance suspension offerings. With this comes a very pinnacle price tag as well. But what makes these setups worth the $15,000?

First, it needs to be acknowledged that this suspension is not for driving around town or picking up the groceries. The focus on track performance was paramount in the engineering process. To quote Ben Schaffer, CEO of Unplugged Performance, “we made this [suspension] for ourselves and ultimate track use.” The suspension was designed with one car and purpose: to make the fastest Tesla around a track.

Adjustability is another critical difference for the Ohlins TTS setup. Unplugged Performance has ensured that the setup is 4-way adjustable; front and rear, high-speed and low-speed rebound and compression, which means that you can tune precisely how you want the suspension to react when you hit a bump or a corner at high or low speeds.

Concierge service is another distinguishing feature. When you buy the Ohlins X UP TTS suspension setup, the Unplugged Performance team is on call to ensure your car is as fast as possible on whatever raceway you find yourself on; Pikes Peak to Mt. Washington, Nurburing to Spa; they have you covered.

Finally, what the setup brings when looking outside of the numbers, is prestige and an unrivaled road feel. The level of prestige that Unplugged Performance brings to its Tesla products is unmatched. They supply the products and use them to set records, most recently at the Pikes Peak hill climb. Very few other companies have the same dedication to Tesla products. And the road feel that they have dedicated themselves to will likely prove to be the factor that influences the hyper-enthusiast or Tesla race team to purchase the upgrade.

Credit: Unplugged Performance
Credit: Unplugged Performance
Credit: Unplugged Performance

This shows, perhaps above everything else, that electric vehicles don’t have to mean the end of modification or “wrenchin”; in fact, they can be an incredible new platform that enthusiasts can use just like any other to create unique projects. CEO Ben Schaffer noted that electric vehicles don’t have to be the end of performance tuning but the start of a new chapter.

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