Tesla Vision rolling out to older vehicles with radar in update 2022.20.9

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Tesla Vision has started rolling out to older vehicles with radar in over-the-air update 2022.20.9. Not A Tesla App reported that two vehicles using radar transitioned to Tesla Vision with update 2022.20.9. One is a 2021 Model S, and the other is a refresh Model X. 

Since only a few vehicles have transitioned thus far to Tesla Vision, it is unclear whether the camera-only system will roll out to the entire radar-equipped fleet or just a few units. However, Tesla FSD Beta 10.69 was just released and might have something to do with 2022.20.9 releasing Tesla Vision to radar-equipped units. 

Tesla FSD Beta 10.69 

Tesla Vision plays a pivotal role in the Full Self-Driving program. The company has already started rolling out v10.69 to the first ~1,000 beta testers. 

Tesla plans to roll out update 10.69 in three phases, taking extra precautions between releases. FSD Beta v10.69 introduces significant improvements related to the Tesla driving experience, turns, and recognition, among others. 

Once v.10.69 rolls out to most beta testers, Tesla plans to raise the price of FSD to $15,000. The price increase hints at the remarkable improvements that the latest update introduces to the program. 

With Tesla making significant strides towards completing FSD, it seems appropriate to start transitioning the rest of its fleet to Tesla Vision. Improvements to FSD might also introduce enhancements in Autopilot and Enhanced Autopilot that would work well with Tesla Vision. 

Tesla’s FSD Goal

During the Q2 2022 TSLA earnings call, Elon Musk commented that the FSD Beta fleet had driven over 35 million miles since 2020 with only about 100,000 testers. 

“I’m highly confident we will solve full self-driving, and it still seems to be this year. I know people are like, ‘he says that.’ But it does seem to be epic. It does seem as though we are converging on full self-driving this year,” Musk said. 

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Tesla Vision rolling out to older vehicles with radar in update 2022.20.9
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