Wrecked Tesla Model S Plaid turned into “Cyber Kart”

Tesla Model S Plaid "Cyber Kart" (Credit BoostedBoiz YouTube)

The YouTube channel BoostedBoiz has taken their wrecked Tesla Model S Plaid to a whole new level in their latest video.

After buying the wrecked car for $60,000, they then “fixed” the damage to the rear of the car using a tow strap hooked around a tree and eventually replacing parts from another wrecked Tesla Model S. After the fix, the car was then able to run 9.66 seconds in the quarter mile and 1.49 second 60-foot time on a prepared track surface.

Following that, they then weighed the car in at 4,745 lbs and preceded to remove the entire interior, doors, back trunk, frunk, bumpers.. nearly everything, and weigh it again at 4,046 lbs. The car then managed to run a 1.58 second 60 foot on an unprepared surface.

In their next video, the Model S Plaid was truly gutted as the roof was cut off, the pillars removed, and the back end completely removed. With the bulk of the car removed, the weight then came in at 3,850 lbs. The duo then added a roll cage for safety but did not say how much weight that added back into the car.

Even with all these changes, the car drives and charges normally, however, they clearly won’t be using autopilot on it ever again.

They plan on taking the “Cyber Kart” to the drag strip in their next video to see if they can break Model S Plaid’s quarter-mile record, which currently stands at 8.73 seconds.

It is quite possible to still save weight on the car with different wheels and brakes and a Lexan windshield, so it’ll certainly be interesting to follow this car as they make further changes and see how far the drivetrain of the Model S Plaid can be pushed.

What do you think of this build?

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Wrecked Tesla Model S Plaid turned into “Cyber Kart”
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