SpaceX to launch 22 Version 2 mini Starlink satellites

B1076 awaiting a prior launch, OneWeb Flight 16 (Credit Richard Angle)

SpaceX is currently targeting 7:34 p.m. ET (23:34 UTC) today, July 22nd, for the launch of 22 V2 mini Starlink satellites from Space Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida.

Keeping up an incredible pace, SpaceX is set for its 6th mission of the month. The Falcon 9 will launch the Starlink satellites on a South Easterly trajectory to be inserted into a 43-degree orbital inclination.

This mission, Group 6-6, carries 22 of the upgraded V2 mini-satellites, which are capable of handling 4x times the bandwidth of their predecessors and feature improved thrust for better on-orbit maneuvering using new Argon Hall thrusters.

Since their debut in February 2023, SpaceX has launched 123 of the upgraded satellites, 11 of which have deorbited, according to Jonathan McDowells Starlink tracking site. So far, there are just 7 which are in their operational orbits, and 93 moving towards their correct orbit.

The Falcon 9 set for this mission is Booster 1076, having previously supported the launches of 2 Starlink missions, 2 commercial payloads, and an ISS resupply mission. This will be the 6th launch and landing of this booster, which will attempt landing on the droneship ‘Just Read the Instructions’ approximately 8 and a half minutes after lift off.

V2 mini Starlink satellites stacked before fairing encapsulation (Credit SpaceX)

The current weather outlook for this mission shows a 40% chance of acceptable conditions at lift-off, however, SpaceX has multiple opportunities extending until 10:56 p.m. ET (02:56 July 23rd) with the weather improving to an 85% chance of acceptable conditions at the end of the window. If they are unable to launch on the 22nd, there is also a launch window on the evening of July 23rd between 7:09 p.m. ET and 10:31 p.m. ET.

If thunderstorms stay clear and with the launch currently set ~45 minutes before sunset, it could be quite a sight to see, be sure to follow along with the webcast!

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SpaceX to launch 22 Version 2 mini Starlink satellites
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