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X, formerly Twitter, to reorganize trust and safety team

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Elon Musk, the owner of X, formerly known as Twitter, as well as CEO Linda Yaccarino, will be jointly overseeing the social media company’s trust and safety team. The changes were announced by the social media company on Monday.

With the update, Musk will take charge of X’s product and engineering team. Yaccarino, on the other hand, would be responsible for overseeing the rest of the company’s other divisions. These would include human resources, legal, finance, sales, and operations, among others.

X’s trust and safety team, which is responsible for content moderation, has faced intense criticism. Even before Musk acquired the company under its previous name, Twitter, the social media platform was already faced accusations of harmful content and censorship. 

That being said, researchers have claimed that X does not have enough content guardrails today, resulting in an increase in harmful posts. X, for its part, has denied these claims, arguing that the vast majority of content views on the platform are of “healthy” posts.

In an email sent to X employees and shared with Reuters, Yaccarino mentioned that the company is actively seeking a new leader for brand safety and suitability. The CEO also stated in the email that three X leaders will now oversee different aspects within the trust and safety team, including law enforcement operations and threat disruptions.

Following Musk’s turbulent acquisition of Twitter, numerous critics have expected the social media platform to collapse. Competitors such as Mastodon, BlueSky, and more recently, Meta’s Threads, were also pushed as a viable alternative to Twitter. The narrative is quite interesting as it is quite akin to the “Tesla Killer” claims in the past.

Yet, as per X owner Elon Musk, the social media platform is growing steadily. In a recent update, Musk shared that X’s number of monthly users has reached a new high of 541 million as of the end of July. The number is already adjusted after the removal of bots, Musk claimed. 

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X, formerly Twitter, to reorganize trust and safety team
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