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Tesla Model S Refresh with Redesigned Nose and Interior Update Coming Soon

Tesla Model X Front Interior

Sources within Tesla say that updates to the Model S are coming, perhaps as early as next week. Nothing major like a new battery, but new seats and interior appointments are part of the package.

Tesla is planning a refresh of the Model S beginning with interior treatments and a revised nose that could be announced as early as next week, according to sources inside Tesla via CNET. Members within the Tesla forum community have reported that their Model S orders have mysteriously been pushed back by about a month. This has left many to speculate that Tesla may be transitioning older components on existing Model S orders to newer ones following its impending announcement of a Model S refresh.

Details are few, but rumors across the Tesla community, also being reported by CNET, point to modifications being done on the front of the Model S making it look closer in design to the nose-less and grill-less Model X and Model 3. LED headlights will also be integrated, along with ventilated seats currently found on the Model X. Lastly, buyers of the Model S will have the ability to select new colors through the online configurator.

A Tesla spokesperson tells CNET, “We don’t comment on rumor or speculation about future releases. Tesla is constantly innovating and adding new features to our vehicles to perpetually improve Tesla vehicles for our existing and future customers. We price our vehicles consistently throughout the world which requires us to adjust pricing to foreign currency exchange rates. We have let customers know that some price changes will take effect in early April. We always encourage those interested in purchasing Model S to place their order so they can start enjoying the many benefits of Model S today.”

Another big question that’s been weighing heavily on people’s mind is whether a P100D Model S with larger 100 kWh battery is coming, and when? At the moment there is no official announcement from Tesla that any such upgrades will be arriving, and no word on the rumored Model S price increase to follow.


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