100 Tesla Model 3 vehicles offered to private hire drivers in London

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The Mayor of London’s Energy Efficiency Fund (MEEF) is providing funds to service provider Breathe for 100 new Tesla Model 3 vehicles.

“At Breathe our mission is to provide large scale Electric-Vehicles-as-a-Service offerings and we are excited to be starting with sustainable, flexible and affordable vehicle subscription options for London’s private hire market,” commented Jeff Davis, Director of Breathe. “We are seeing huge demand for electric private hire vehicles and MEEF’s funding allows us to expand our operations and help more drivers step into their first EV.”

Electrified Fleets vs Air Pollution Deaths

The new Model 3s will go to private hire drivers, including drivers from Uber. They Tesla cars will replace internal combustion engine vehicles, reducing air pollution in London. As per Amber, about 3,600 to 4,100 premature deaths in London are attributed to air pollution every year. According to researchers from the Imperial College London, current air quality policies and air pollution improvements will increase the life expectancy of children born in London by six months.

However, levels of air pollution in London are still too high for many people. The London public has become more active in pointing out the adverse effects of air pollution in recent years. For instance, in December 2020, nine-year-old Ella Kissi-Debrah became the first person in the United Kingdom whose cause of death was listed as “air pollution,” thanks to her mother’s efforts. 

Ella died in London in 2013 after suffering from severe asthma attacks, leading to nearly 30 hospital visits in the last two years of her life. Her lungs collapsed and partially collapsed on at least five occasions before her death.

Breathe with Tesla Model 3s

The Breathe fleet is estimated to prevent 338 tonnes of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere per year. The service provider plans to replace existing petrol, diesel, and hybrid vehicles for an all-electric platform in London by 2025. MEEF’s support for the project will help the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, attain his goal for zero emission transport in the capital. 

“The Mayor has set the ambitious targets to make London net zero carbon by 2030 and protect Londoners from toxic air pollution. This project is another great example of how the Mayor of London’s Energy Efficiency Fund is supporting schemes that help deliver these goals, and how London can accelerate climate action through a combination of public and private sector investment,” said Shirley Rodrigues, Deputy Mayor for Environment and Energy.

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100 Tesla Model 3 vehicles offered to private hire drivers in London
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