BMW and VW says Tesla’s Grohmann Engineering must fulfill past contractual obligations

BMW and VW are pushing back against the newly formed partnership between Tesla and Grohmann Engineering amid reports that the Silicon Valley automaker has requested Grohmann to cease work on existing customers, as it pushes to bring Model 3 to market in July.

Recently publicized spats over wages and benefits arising from fears over job instability from Grohmann’s 700 employees, and reported clashes between Grohmann founder and Tesla Chief Elon Musk, has led to strong tensions behind closed doors. BMW and VW claim that the rebranded Tesla Grohmann Automation has sent mixed messages about its intentions, yet Germany’s largest automakers continue to take a strong stance and asking Grohmann to fulfill its contractual obligations.

However, a report from German publication Wirtschaftswoche indicates that Grohmann’s work counselor Uwe Herzig said (via Google Translate) that “the workload caused by new Tesla projects was so great that it has only been working on Tesla projects for a few weeks.”

It is clear that a competitor buying up a key supplier is cause for concern, but at this point what is not clear is whether or not Tesla has failed to fulfill any of its contractual obligations. BMW and VW have both gone on record stating that they both expect the new Tesla Grohmann Automation unit to fulfill existing contracts.

While the short-term pressure is causing tension for Tesla and headaches for its entrenched competition in Germany, Tesla is confident that there is a bright future for Grohmann. A Tesla spokeswoman (via Google Translate) shared that the company is confident that Tesla Grohmann Automation will “grow significantly over time, despite concentration on internal orders.”

Beyond just retaining existing employees, Tesla Grohmann has flooded the local market with job advertisements even going so far as to hire headhunters to find skilled workers, according to local reports. One of the job descriptions for an Engineer can be seen on Tesla’s careers page, listed below.


Department: Engineering

Location: Prüm, Germany

Req. ID44211

Job Type: Perm Eu

Supercharge your career!

We are hiring world-class Engineering talent to help us build the machine that builds the machine. Looking for excellence in Electrical/Mechanical/Automation Engineering and other technical disciplines. A passion for technically complex tasks and problem solving is essential.

Tesla is committed to hiring and developing top talent from across the world for any given discipline. Our world-class teams operate with a non-conventional product development philosophy of high inter-disciplinary collaboration, flat organizational structure, and technical contribution at all levels. You will be expected to challenge and to be challenged, to create, and to innovate. These jobs are not for everyone; you must have a genuine passion for solving some of the most challenging problems in the world.

Wir suchen Weltklasse-Ingenieure, die uns dabei helfen, die Maschine zu entwickeln, die die Maschine baut. Gesucht wird nach exzellenten Experten für Elektrotechnik / Maschinenbau / Automatisierungstechnik und anderen technischen Disziplinen. Besonders wichtig ist die Leidenschaft für technisch komplexe Aufgaben und der Wille Probleme zu lösen.

Tesla sucht weltweit Toptalente aus den unterschiedlichsten Bereichen, die sich weiterentwickeln möchten. Unsere Weltklasseteams arbeiten im Rahmen einer unkonventionellen Entwicklungsphilosophie, die auf enge fachübergreifende Zusammenarbeit setzt. Flache Hierarchien und intensiver technischer Austausch auf allen Ebenen sind weitere Merkmale. Wir erwarten, dass Sie genau so herausfordern wie Sie Herausforderungen annehmen, um Neues zu konzipieren und zu schaffen. Diese Aufgabe nicht für jeden geeignet. Sie müssen die unbedingte Leidenschaft haben einige der schwierigsten Probleme der Welt zu lösen.

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BMW and VW says Tesla’s Grohmann Engineering must fulfill past contractual obligations
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