Layer3 TV plans to use 100 Tesla Model X fleet to deliver next-gen cable

Denver-based Layer3 TV, a next generation cable television service provider, is switching its service vehicles to a Tesla Model X fleet as the company aims to redefine the antiquated cable TV industry using modern day technologies. Layer3’s CEO Jeff Binder said that the company’s biggest advantage is in video quality, citing “It’s unanimous”.

With plans to purchase 100 Model X vehicles by the end of the year, Binder claims that the savings from their unique installation process and the low maintenance cost of the Model X enables the company to reap “substantial” savings. Their installation costs are nearly 50% lower than competitors, enabling the company to expand the Model X fleet and creating a “win-win” scenario.

“It’s a pretty different experience… Who doesn’t like driving a Model X?” – Layer3 TV CEO Jeff Binder

The company, founded in 2013 by cable veterans Jeff Binder and Dave Fellows, raised nearly $100M to fund its big plans to disrupt the cable service provider industry. Layer3 TV tells Teslarati that they had purchased a Model X to deliver their new service in Colorado earlier this year, and recently expanded the fleet nationwide. Layer3 currently services Chicago, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Dallas, and parts of Denver. While Binder didn’t release any subscriber numbers, he said the company is seeing double digit growth month-over-month.

Layer3 Originally planned to have a fleet of BMW i3s, but ultimately decided the Model X better fit their needs.

Multichannel reported that Layer3 TV is using a fleet of Teslas for their Colorado rollout stating, “For the rollout with NextLight in Longmont, Layer3 TV is using a fleet of Tesla vehicles to perform installs and other customer visits.” Layer3 TV initially envisioned using a fleet of BMW i3s but decided to go with the Tesla Model X after determining  that they needed more space, all wheel drive, and more range.

The company plans to have a fleet of roughly 100 Teslas by the end of the year and currently has the Model X deployed in all of their markets. Jeff Binder told Teslarati via phone, “There is no downside… we are spending half as much as the competition on installs, our installers love the vehicles, it’s sustainable, and we get great marketing out of the vehicles.”

100 Tesla Model X Fleet

Layer3’s fleet of Model Xs are presumably the largest in the world, as not many company’s have adopted commercial uses for the vehicle. Binder told Teslarati that they haven’t adopted any custom fleet management systems in the Model X that’s out of the norm, but definitely plans to take advantage of the Model X’s large center screen. Binder is a bit surprised that Tesla doesn’t have much of a fleet management system, and hopes the company will develop such a program.

Layer3 has deployed their fleet nationwide, and plans to continue adding more vehicles to the fleet. Photo: Layer3 TV

Layer3 stated back in March, “Not only do we provide quick installs, but we do it in a Tesla. Rodney (a Layer3 TV installer) installs 6 boxes in a day with our eco-friendly Tesla.”

Before the company launched their service last year they had planned to deliver the service in the BMW i3. Layer3 is aiming to be the new “upscale” cable provider, while the company doesn’t lay its own fiber or cable lines, it delivers the service through advanced video technology riding through leased fiber and private IP. You can see if Layer3 TV is in available in your area.

Picking the Tesla Model X looks like the perfect way to show customers that they aren’t doing business in the usual way which stereotypically includes late arrivals and in a beat-up white van.

The nex-gen cable TV provider has released a video showing off their new wrap which we find simply stunning. Check out the video below to see how Layer3 TV “tricked out” their Model X!

Layer3 TV made these super sick Teslas even cooler.

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Layer3 TV plans to use 100 Tesla Model X fleet to deliver next-gen cable
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