CalSTRS says it will vote against Tesla pay package ratification for CEO Musk

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The California State Teachers’ Retirement System, or CalSTRS, said it will vote against the massive pay package Tesla is attempting to ratify for its CEO Elon Musk.

The $56 billion pay package was approved by shareholders in 2018 and aimed to pay Musk a massive sum for achieving various tranches that involved company growth and increasing shareholder value.

However, a judge in Delaware’s Chancery Court denied Musk’s pay package after a lawsuit was brought on by a small-time shareholder. Tesla is attempting to have the pay package ratified in its Shareholder Meeting this week, and firms and shareholders are making their stances known.

Elon Musk’s Tesla pay package gets voided, Judge rules in favor of shareholder

Today, CalSTRS Chief Investment Officer Chris Ailman called the package “ridiculous” and talked about what he considers to be a more fair pay for Musk (via Squawk on the Street):

“We’ll pay him 140-times the average worker pay. How about that deal? I think that’s more than fair. This pay package is ridiculous.”

CalSTRS holds roughly 4.7 million shares of Tesla stock and has owned a stake in the electric automaker since before it went public, according to Ailman.

Although CalSTRS is one of many firms that has seen a massive jump in its holdings due to the stratospheric rise of Tesla stock, Ailman said that Tesla shares are massively overvalued:

“Even if these cars had AI in them, they are not worth 60-times earnings. That is absurd.”

However, based on his consensus and opinion on that, it sounds like he is missing one fundamental point: Tesla sells more than cars and has been a major player in the sustainable energy sector through its battery energy storage systems.

Additionally, it could be considered an AI and robotics company, as well as a car company.

Ailman also had plenty of opinions on Musk’s current workload, stating that he is too invested in other things:

“He needs to focus in…either on cars, either on X or on going to Mars, and I think his heart really is in going to Mars.”

CalSTRS is not the only firm that is voting against the ratification of Musk’s pay package.

The California Public Employees’ Retirement System, known as CalPERS, and Norway’s largest pension fund, known as KLP, are also voting against it. However, plenty of shareholders will vote to get Musk paid, and other firms and large-scale shareholders are in the same boat.

The vote will happen on Thursday at Tesla’s Annual Shareholder Meeting.

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CalSTRS says it will vote against Tesla pay package ratification for CEO Musk
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