Chrysler unveils self-driving EV for millennials, includes selfie mode

The Chrysler Portal is the newest battery-powered concept car idea to be released to the public. Revealed at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the family-focused vehicle has been designed by “millennials for millennials,” according to a Fiat Chrysler Association (FCA) press release.

The semi-autonomous electric concept vehicle, which includes Level 3 self-driving functionality with the possibility to upgrade to Level 4, is a glimpse into future design and manufacturing at Chrysler. Signifying a doorway or gate to another place or time, the Portal introduces Chrysler to a new generation of consumers who have connectivity as a priority.

High-tech features that are expected to be the norm for vehicles in just a few years are included in the Portal concept. Multiple interior cameras assess passengers via facial recognition technology, which allows individual preferences for lighting, music, temperature, and other connected features to be stored for future reference.

Microphones are located throughout the interior, so voice recognition technology can identify each person and use that information to activate specific requests. Want to take a selfie? An interior camera is suited just for that. Driver and passenger can listen to individual music selections without overlap or discontinuity with a vehicle-to-infrastructure communication system named the Personal Zoned Audio.

This engineering, developed in conjunction with Panasonic, allows seamless detection of passengers’ mobile devices, with interior screens visible to all passengers. It’s really a 24/7 social media world these days, isn’t it?

The Portal rides on a 118.2 inch wheelbase, and its exterior conveys a futuristic image with parallel double sliding doors. The effect is that of an elevator, opening and closing. Cameras monitor the driver’s eyes and decide which screen should be used to alert the driver to approaching road hazards or emergency vehicles.

A 100 kWh battery offers a 250 mile or more range per single charge. One electric motor drives the front wheels, and recharge capacity allows for an additional 150 miles in 20 minutes using a 350 kW fast charger.

Designed to seat six, the Portal is described as a “third space” where family-minded millennials can spend leisure time in “an open and serene atmosphere that bridges work and home.”


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