Don’t count on seeing a Tesla Model 3 P100D with 100kWh battery pack

Those hoping for a Model 3 P100D may have to wait a little longer now that chief Elon Musk has confirmed that Tesla’s 100kWh battery pack option will be reserved only for the Model S and Model X. Musk noted via Twitter that the shorter wheel base of the Model 3 won’t be able to accommodate the size of the 100kWh battery pack.

This reveal also reaffirms Tesla’s plan to utilize a battery pack that will be unique to the Model 3.

Aside from having a battery pack form factor different from that of the Model S and Model X, we know Model 3 will also utilize a different type of battery cell. Tesla’s newest 2170 lithium ion battery cell is larger in size and packs higher energy density than the existing 18650 battery cell being used across its fleet of vehicles. The new 2170 battery cells are currently being mass produced at the Gigafactory in conjunction with Panasonic for use in Tesla’s energy storage systems. Tesla announced through a press release earlier this year that production on Model 3 battery cells will begin in the second quarter.

With a promised range of 215 miles or more, one can only begin to speculate on the range of battery sizes that will be made available for the Model 3.

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