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EV startup picks Tesla’s motors over Ford’s for its first EV

Credit: Gene Langmesser

EV manufacturer E-Cite, also known as VaporBrands International, Inc., announced today that it would use Tesla electric motors and batteries in its 2023 launch of the EV GT, ditching the Ford parts it used previously. E-Cite said the move to utilize Tesla parts in its vehicles “upgraded” the specifications of its first vehicle, including boosts in horsepower and torque.

E-Cite said its stock motors and batteries for the 2023 EV GT would now be produced by and purchased from Tesla, as the company’s parts “increase horsepower, improve cooling, and adapt to E-Cite’s proprietary chassis,” the company said.

Previously, E-Cite was planning to use the Ford Performance Eluminator motor, which produced 281 horsepower. Ford’s parts caused integration issues and concerns over cost, while better performance capabilities from Tesla’s parts ultimately led to the switch.

“After thoroughly evaluating all known potential options, the proven Tesla platform provides us with the best possible solution available,” E-Cite COO Gene Langmesser said. “Using modified Tesla motors and batteries further reduces our engineering requirements, dramatically increases our performance capabilities, and due to shear economies of scale, reduces the cost of manufacturing that we can pass on to our customers. We also believe that customer confidence will be increased over using less proven platforms.”

The changes have allowed E-Cite to modify and upgrade the specifications for the GT EV trim levels. The base model has been boosted to 450 horsepower from the previously-rated 281 horsepower while also offering 450 Nm of torque. The mid-level motor now has 540 horsepower with 600 Nm of Torque. The Performance Version will now pack 640 Horsepower with 650 Nm of torque. Range is expected to come in around 300 miles based, but will vary based on driving style and configuration.

E-Cite is currently waiting for approval from the NHTSA to use the vehicle, and other planned models, on public roads. The company was awarded special exemptions from the NHTSA, and E-Cite expects the 2023 EV GT’s first production vehicles to be delivered less than 12 months after “inception to the showroom.”

E-Cite will offer a full 24-month, 50,000-mile OEM warranty serviceable at any certified E-Cite service center.

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EV startup picks Tesla’s motors over Ford’s for its first EV
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