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What would you buy with Elon Musk’s $164B fortune?

Elon Musk custom Tesla-branded Nike shoes (Credit: DMCustomSneakers via Instagram)

Elon Musk’s massive (roughly) $164,000,000,000 fortune makes him one of the richest people in the world. Despite most of his funds being locked up in Tesla shares and other assets, Musk’s incredible wealth has been put into an online game where the player has complete control over what to buy with the money if stocks and assets were cashed out. The game begs the question, “What would you buy with Elon Musk’s $164 billion fortune?”

The game is simple: you have $164 billion to spend, and you have 44 options to choose from. Anything from plastic surgery, to an apartment, to an NFL franchise, to a mega yacht is available. But don’t worry about losing track of how much, or how little, of the massive fortune you’ve spent. A toolbar at the top tells you how much you have left, and what percentage of the massive net worth you have left to play around with.

Credit: https://spend-elon-fortune.netlify.app/

Interestingly enough, the game really puts into perspective how much money Musk is truly worth. Despite his massive fortune, which grew incredibly over the past 18 months due to Tesla stock’s monumental climb on Wall Street in 2020, the CEO of Tesla, SpaceX, the Boring Company, and Neuralink doesn’t have much to show for it. “Possessions just weigh you down,” Musk once said, after revealing he had sold his numerous California properties.

Despite this, many of us can be dreamers, and use the game to imagine what possessions we’d purchase with that massive amount of money. There isn’t too much that isn’t available to you, because nothing on the list eclipses the NFL franchise cost of $3 billion. The cheapest item is a Nintendo Switch, starting at just $299.

The designer of the game, who is listed as “nino” at the bottom-most portion of the page, gave a little shoutout to Tesla in the game too. While there are seven available automobiles for purchase in the game, the most notable is definitely the Tesla Model S Plaid, the revamped version of the automaker’s flagship sedan. The vehicle was recently delivered for the first time at the Fremont Factory in Northern California on June 10th, and it is the fastest production vehicle in the world.

I bought every NFL franchise, all 32 of them, and still had $68 billion left to play around with. I added one Mega Yacht, priced at $300 million, a Gulfstream Jet (just like Elon has), an LA Mansion so I could bump elbows with Leo DiCaprio while picking up the morning paper, and five Model S Plaids, one for every day of the week. I still have 41.3% of the fortune remaining, but I will likely hold onto it for a rainy day.

Be sure to tell me what you would buy with Musk’s fortune!

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What would you buy with Elon Musk’s $164B fortune?
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