Elon Musk sheds light on Tesla Cybertruck accelerator issue

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Elon Musk has provided some insight on the Tesla Cybertruck’s accelerator issue, which resulted in the all-electric pickup truck’s deliveries being paused. As per Musk, the delivery pause on the vehicle was done with caution in mind. 

Resent observations from Tesla customers have indicated that the electric vehicle maker temporarily stopped Cybertruck deliveries due to an issue with the all-electric pickup truck’s accelerator pedal. Videos and photos shared by owners of the vehicle on social media suggested that the metal plate on top of the Cybertruck’s accelerator could slide up and get wedged between the pedal and the plastic bulkhead, resulting in the pedal being pressed. 

As noted in a report from The Drive, drivers who experience the issue could simply hold the brake pedal to stop their Cybertruck, but the vehicle may still move when the brake is depressed. Needless to say, the issue could adversely affect the vehicle’s safe operation, so it was no surprise that Tesla paused the vehicle’s deliveries until a fix is available. This fix, if recent social media posts are any indication, seems to be getting rolled out now. 

Tesla Cybertruck customers on social media platform X have observed that deliveries are now resuming for the all-electric pickup truck. VINs are reportedly being assigned, delivery dates are reportedly being updated, and some customers are reportedly receiving updates for their orders. Amidst news of this update, Tesla CEO Elon Musk shared some thoughts on the Cybertruck’s accelerator issue. 

“There were no injuries or accidents because of this. We are just being very cautious,” Musk wrote in his post

Tesla’s focus on the Cybertruck’s safety could pay off well for the company. Cybertruck critics, after all, have continued to persistently argue that the Cybertruck is extremely unsafe for both its occupants and other vehicles on the road. By focusing on the vehicle’s safety and preemptively fixing issues as they are reported, Tesla could ensure that the Cybertruck follows in the footsteps of its stablemates, all of which have proven to be among the safest cars in their class. 

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Elon Musk sheds light on Tesla Cybertruck accelerator issue
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