Elon Musk flies to China for public Model 3 delivery event in Shanghai

(Photo: TeslainShanghai/Imgur)

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is currently en route to Shanghai to attend the Made-in-China Model 3’s upcoming delivery event at Gigafactory 3.

Tesla China has recently announced that the second batch of MIC Model 3 deliveries will be held on Tuesday, January 7. Unlike the first batch of deliveries at GF3 in late December, which involved handovers to Tesla employees, the upcoming deliveries will involve local customers. Considering that Musk is en route to Shanghai, it appears that the CEO will be making an appearance at the event.

According to Tesla owner-enthusiast @JayinShanghai, Musk’s Gulfstream G650 private jet took off from Los Angeles International Airport earlier today. The G650 that is carrying Musk is flying roughly 13,000 feet higher and 80 miles per hour faster than a China Eastern Boeing 777 commercial jet that took off prior to his private plane. Musk is expected to arrive in China in time for the Model 3 delivery event.

Reports have indicated that Tesla has produced about 1,500 Model 3 a week during its initial mass production phase. However, Tesla China has revealed that it has ramped Gigafactory 3’s output to a run-rate of 3,000 cars a week. Tesla has also lowered the price of the Made-in-China Model 3 to make it more appealing to local buyers.

General Manager of Tesla China Allan Wang has no doubts that the electric car maker based in Palo Alto, California will succeed in China. “The demand for our locally-built Model 3 is very good. We are confident about selling all vehicles manufactured in this factory,” he said.

Musk has always spoken highly of China and the advantages the country presents to Tesla. After coming to an agreement with local authorities on building the facility in Shanghai last January, he spoke highly of his company’s potential in the country.

“Tesla has the first wholly-owned manufacturing facility in China of any automotive company. So, this is profound. And we’re very appreciative of the Chinese government allowing us to do this. I’d just say like an order of appreciation for the Chinese government in allowing us to do that. It’s a very significant thing,” he said.

On the agenda at the upcoming event beside the Model 3’s first public handovers is rumored to be an announcement concerning Model Y production at Gigafactory 3. The Model Y is set to begin production in the United States soon and deliveries are due to start shortly after in Summer 2020. The Model Y and Model 3 share 75% of the same parts. This concept would mean the two vehicles could be produced side-by-side without much trouble.

Elon Musk flies to China for public Model 3 delivery event in Shanghai
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