Elon Musk shares details on X vs. Brazil conflict

Credit: Tesla Owners Silicon Valley (via Elon Musk on X)

Elon Musk shared a few details about the ongoing conflict between his X social media platform and Brazil. 

Recently, Elon Musk shared that the Brazilian Supreme Court ordered X to suspend the accounts of sitting members of the Brazilian Parliament and journalists. 

“Our concern here at X is we are being asked to do things that are illegal. We are being asked to do things that directly violate the law by a judge.

“We are being asked to suspend the account and filter content. And not say anything about it. To pretend that the suspension and regional blocking is due to our TOS when it is not,” said Musk on Spaces. 

Supreme Court Justice Alexandre de Moraes opened an inquiry into Elon Musk over possible obstruction of justice since he is X’s Chief Technology Officer.

Judge Moraes seems to be leading the charge against X. He supports regulations protecting people from harmful content and misinformation in Brazil. Musk has called for Moraes’ impeachment or resignation, stating that the Supreme Court Judge is violating Brazilian law with the court orders on X.

The social media platform’s issues with the Brazilian Supreme Court started when the judiciary branch ordered X to restrict or ban certain popular accounts.

Based on Elon Musk’s comments, X initially followed court orders, but later, the billionaire lifted the restrictions. 

“We are lifting all restrictions. This judge has applied massive fines, threatened to arrest our employees, and cut off access to Brazil. As a result, we will probably lose all revenue in Brazil and have to shut down our office there. But principles matter more than profit.” 

According to Musk, the Brazilian Supreme Court has applied a fine of $20,000 daily on X. The Brazilian Supreme Court has also threatened to cut off X from the country. 

The social media platform’s dispute with the Brazilian Supreme Court has already affected SpaceX’s Starlink contracts in the country. The Brazilian government suspended all contracts with Starlink. Despite the local government’s decision, Musk announced that Starlink will continue to provide free internet to local schools.

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Elon Musk shares details on X vs. Brazil conflict
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