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Faraday Future’s Formula E Team could be on the chopping block

Source: Faraday Future

Faraday Future may be turning the lights off on its participation in Formula E as a result of financial issues.

Faraday’s partner in the Fomula E initiative, Dragon Racing, had some bleak words about the future of the Motorsports project.

Keith Smout, the commercial director for Dragon Racing, told The Verge that Faraday and Dragon have a four-year contract that it’s “in good standing,” but  the two sides “are discussing season 4 right now.”

Smout followed that up with, “Where there is smoke there is fire.”

Formula E

Source: Faraday Future

Faraday had more positive words about the relationship.

“There have been no business decisions made on whether to pull out” regarding Formula E, a spokesperson told the outlet, adding that Faraday had engineers “on the ground in Spain this [past] weekend” testing for season 4, which kicks off in December.

“On our end, and on [Dragon owner Jay] Penske’s end as well, the contract is in good standing, and both parties are honoring all their obligations within the contract.”

The EV company has been having a rough time with finances lately after Jia Yueting, the now-former CEO of Faraday’s principle financier LeEco, reportedly had $182 million in assets frozen by a Chinese court.

Since then, Faraday has slowly backed away from LeEco.

“Technically, there is no legal relationship with LeEco,” Faraday COO and CFO Stefan Krause told CNET in an interview. “They are in one part of our business. They are a supplier and if we would lose them as a supplier there are many suppliers.”

Since Yueting’s departure, LeEco has laid off nearly 70 percent of its US workforce. Tencent co-founder Zeng Liqin even called LeEco a “Ponzi scheme.”

“If you’re not able to spot an apparent Ponzi scheme [like LeEco], you’re neither worthy of working in the investment industry nor suitable for entrepreneurship,” Zeng said in a post on Chinese social media platform WeChat.

We’ll see if the Formula E is a casualty of tense relationships and a loss of finances, or if the sustainable Motorsports vehicle can continue to set the racetracks ablaze.

Faraday Future’s Formula E Team could be on the chopping block
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