Ferrari CEO Drove a Tesla, Will Never Make a Self-Driving Car

Model X vs Ferrari

Ferrari CEO and head of FiatChrysler Sergio Marchionne is no fan of electric cars or vehicles that drive themselves. Speaking to reporters at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, Marchionne described his experience behind the wheel of a Tesla as ‘obscene’ in reference to the overall concept of having driverless technology.

For Marchionne, the Ferrari experience is all about driving the car and feeling the roar of the engine. A car from Maranello without an internal combustion engine is “an almost obscene concept,” he says. His first thought after driving a nearly silent Tesla Model S was, “This is not a Ferrari.”

Despite YouTube being littered with Ferraris being humiliated at the drag strip by Teslas, with the latest example being a Ludicrous-enabled Model X P90D  walking away from a Ferrari F430 (video below), it’s safe to assume that Marchionne will never build a self-driving Tesla rival.

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