Fisker unveils Pear electric car with clever tricks and sub-$30K price

Credit: Fisker

Electric vehicle maker Fisker has unveiled its weapon in the upcoming affordable EV race. Tesla has teased its next-generation platform, Volkswagen has showed off its ID.2, and now, Fisker has unveiled the Pear, a six-seat hatchback that could very well make the electric vehicle segment very interesting. 

As noted by CEO Henrik Fisker, the vehicle’s name is an acronym for “Personal Electric Automotive Revolution.” The car will be built on the company’s SLV-1 platform, and it will be manufactured using the company’s Steel++ development process. Fisker did not provide intricate details for its Steel++ process, but the EV maker stated that it would result in 35% fewer parts than other electric cars in the Pear’s class. 

The Pear has a number of tricks up its sleeve. Immediately noticeable is the fact that it could carry six passengers thanks to a variant that would be shipped with a bench seat in front. It also features a “Houdini Trunk,” a hideaway lift gate that should make it easier to load and unload cargo in tight spaces. Similar to other EVs, the Pear also has a frunk, which Fisker calls a “Froot,” a rather interesting pun.

Fisker CEO Henrik Fisker is a talented car designer, and his trademark flourishes are evident in the Pear despite its starting price of $29,900 before federal tax incentives. As highlighted by the company during its unveiling, the Pear has a wraparound windshield, a sculptural exterior design, and futuristic LED lighting. That’s a pretty good deal for a vehicle that starts at less than $30,000. It also comes with “Lounge Mode,” which would allow owners to move the Pear’s seats for maximum comfort.

Inasmuch as the Fisker Pear is exciting, however, the vehicle also requires some wait. As noted by the CEO in the company’s recent event, the Pear is expected to be available starting mid-2025. Interestingly, that’s also roughly the time when Volkswagen is expected to release the ID.2. Tesla’s next-generation car, which will be built at Gigafactory Mexico, is likely coming then as well. 

Watch Fisker’s unveiling of the Pear in the video below. 

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Fisker unveils Pear electric car with clever tricks and sub-$30K price
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