Fisker Alaska pickup unveiled with $45,400 price and up to 7.5 ft bed

Fisker Inc. recently held a dedicated Product Vision Day” for the year, showcasing several vehicles that are designed to compete in the EV market. But while the Fisker Ronin is exciting in the way that it could be a rival to vehicles like the Tesla Roadster 2.0 and the Rimac Nevera, and inasmuch as the Fisker Pear is compelling, the Fisker Alaska all-electric pickup truck seems to be the company’s most interesting vehicle yet. 

Built on a modified, stretched Fisker Ocean platform, the Alaska is designed to enter production within the next couple of years. And similar to Fisker’s other vehicles that were showcased at the event, the upcoming all-electric pickup truck features a number of novel capabilities. 

One thing that was highlighted with the Alaska is its bed, which is designed to be as versatile as possible. Size-wise, the Alaska seems to be quite similar to vehicles like the Rivian R1T, but thanks to features like its “Houdini Trunk,” which is also found in the Pear, the all-electric pickup can extend its bed from 4.5 feet all the way to 7.5 feet. With the tailgate down, the cargo area reaches 9.2 feet. 

With such a bed in place, the Alaska would be able o carry large items that would otherwise have been reserved only for larger pickup trucks. The Alaska has some interesting flourishes on its interior as well, such as sustainable materials that are used in the dash and notably large cupholders. CEO Henrik Fisker noted that with the Alaska, Fisker is not just looking to make the world’s lightest electric pickup truck — it is also looking to make the world’s most sustainable truck. 

With a projected range of 230-340 miles of range, the Fisker Alaska is pretty comparable to current players on the market. But while its feature set and capabilities are rivaled by current and future players in the electric pickup truck space, the Alaska’s price is what sets it apart. As noted by the CEO, the pickup is expected to start at just $45,400 before incentives. The executive also mentioned that he is looking to get the truck ready for production in late 2024. 

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Fisker Alaska pickup unveiled with $45,400 price and up to 7.5 ft bed
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