GMC shows off Hummer EV “CrabWalk” feature in real-world conditions

(Credit: GMC)

General Motors Truck Company (GMC) released a video of its upcoming Hummer EV using its CrabWalk feature and performing 360-degree turns in cold-weather conditions.

The company sent a preproduction Hummer EV to GM’s test facility to try out the electric vehicle’s 4-wheel steering and CrabWalk feature in -6 degree temperature. “Get a sneak peek at how the world’s first all-electric super truck spends a snow day,” GMC wrote.

The Hummer EV’s CrabWalk is unique to GMC’s supertruck, almost similar to Rivian’s Tank Turn feature for the R1T pickup. Tank Turn enables the R1T to complete 360-degree turns, allowing drivers to get out of tough spots during outdoor adventures. Interestingly enough, GMC’s recent video of a preproduction Hummer EV in action also showed the vehicle’s performing some 360-degree turns.

GMC’s CrabWalk will be a standard feature for the Hummer EV Edition 1, EV3x, and EV2x. The feature is limited to low speeds. Like Rivian’s Tank Turn, CrabWalk allows drivers to get out of tight spots during outdoor trips. GMC’s first CrabWalk video showed the Hummer EV making its way up rocky terrain through a narrow trail with rock walls on either side.

In that video, one of the rock walls cut into the narrow trail a little. Normally, such a situation would end in the driver executing a multi-point turn to navigate around the obstacle. However, the Hummer EV easily avoided the rock wall using its CrabWalk feature.

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GMC shows off Hummer EV “CrabWalk” feature in real-world conditions
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