Mercedes-Benz China offers EQS rear-wheel steering upgrade for a yearly fee

Vehicle subscriptions will soon be the norm. Tesla, with its tech-focused vehicles, has been offering subscriptions for some time now in the form of Premium Connectivity and, more recently, a monthly Full Self-Driving suite service.

Mercedes-Benz China is trying out something similar, but its subscription is a bit unique. As noted by the company in an announcement on its WeChat page, Mercedes-Benz is offering EQS owners in China a rear-wheel active steering system upgrade.

The upgrade is pretty compelling, with the carmaker noting that the service will be available for entry-level EQS trims. With the upgrade in place, EQS drivers could increase their active rear-wheel steering angle from 4.5° to 10°, reducing the car’s turning diameter to 10.9 meters and making tasks like parking maneuvers easier.

The only thing is that the upgrade is an annual subscription.

As noted by the German automaker, the EQS rear-wheel active steering system upgrade would cost 4,998 yuan per year. That’s about $747, which is a pretty steep price to pay for the feature considering that the fee would be recurring annually.

Mercedes-Benz’s offer is certainly quite different, as other carmakers that offer similar upgrades typically charge one-time fees. NIO, for example, recently announced its Alder system during the launch of its ES7 earlier this month, but that’s a one-time payment of 9,600 yuan.

Tesla also offers hardware-based upgrades for its vehicles in the form of Acceleration Boost for vehicles like the Model 3 and Model Y Dual Motor AWD. Just like NIO, Tesla’s Acceleration Boost is a one-time purchase. Once bought, the Model 3 or Model Y Dual Motor AWD would have better acceleration, regardless of how many years the vehicle is used by its driver.

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Mercedes-Benz China offers EQS rear-wheel steering upgrade for a yearly fee
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