Munro Live shares a look at Tesla's improvements on the 4680 structural pack.

Munro Live shares a look at Tesla’s improvements on the 4680 structural pack.

Photo Credit: Munro Live/YouTube

In the latest video from Munro Live, Sandy Munro’s team goes over some improvements that Tesla made to its 4680 structural pack. In the video, they talk about the improved cell interconnects, current collector layout, voltage sensor harness, and battery management system.

Antonio DiNunno and Cory Steuben started off the video with a look at the top of the Model Y’s battery pack. In particular, the duo was analyzing the current collectors.

Antonio quickly explained what all of this meant for viewers tuning in. The nine cells were grouped together in parallel. He also pointed out something a bit different.

“We’re seeing a grouping of nine cells in parallel. So if you follow the positives along the current collector, you’ll get nine. And they’re alternating so you have one on this side and two on this side. It gives us the odd number.”

“We’re also seeing–what is a little bit different–a bit of a combination of the Plaid bonding with the Model 3/Model Y current collector strategy is the current collector is welded directly to the cells themselves.”

“So it removes failure that was normally present when you had current collector to cell bonding with the wire bonds.

From 40-something cells in parallel to 9 cells in parallel.

The team noted that the previous current collector had smaller bonds for the Model Y and the Model 3. There were roughly 40-something cells in parallel.

“So you reduce the number of cells in parallel so you have nine. Each one is handling more load. More current.”

The team pointed out that the welds are larger and the copper voltage sensor harness welds from the battery management board to the actual brick.

The Munro Live team also noted that the pink polyurethane could have been a spillover from passing through the small triangles. There was also a thin layer of what looked like PCBA.

“Tesla did some integration where the current collector itself is adhered to the PCBA which is then adhered to the top plastic cover. So, in effect, you get a crop in place part. It’s almost impossible to misalign.”

Murno Live: “A very good strategy overall”

Aside from the pink urethane foam “of death,” Antonio said that this was a very good strategy overall.

“They connect to three terminals on the ends so disconnecting the entire pack or module–I believe the term is array that we’re using for this–is a lot easier.”

The video goes on to cover other details and improvements of the 4680 battery cells. You can watch the full video below.

Munro Live shares a look at Tesla’s improvements on the 4680 structural pack.
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