Ride Shotgun in the Tesla Model X with 360 Degree Video

Tesla Model X 360 degree video

Haven’t had a chance to go on a test drive through Tesla’s Meet Model X event yet? Here’s your chance to ride shotgun and enjoy an immersive 360 degree driving experience.

The video is best viewed from a mobile app using the native YouTube app, but can also be viewed from your desktop. On the desktop, you’ll need to slide the camera angle to capture the full effect of the Model X’s enormous panoramic windshield. Though the video doesn’t have the best quality when looking directly though the front of the windshield, looking upwards provides a great perspective on the sensation of riding in a cockpit surrounded by glass.

Other areas of the Model X to take note of:

  • Reduced rear view visibility with the 7 seat configuration
  • Factory tinted rear falcon door windows
  • Pillar mounted sun visor
  • Ample storage from the large center console with removable cupholders

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