Rimac turns up the throttle on global expansion as it eyes new markets

Rimac is no stranger to longtime readers of Teslarati as a high end electric hypercar that shares quite a few features with Tesla including the huge touchscreen. As the company looks to bring its 1,088HP quad-motor electric car to customers around the world, it is setting its sights far beyond the borders of Croatia with plans to open new locations around the world.

In a recent interview with SeeNews, founder Mate Rimac made it clear that his vision had always been one that would need to go global for the company to truly soar:

“We never thought locally, only globally. It was always clear that Croatia is not a market for our products. Going international from day one was the only way to success.”

To achieve this, Mate Rimac shared that the company will open offices in several locations overseas in support of a renewed push to expand globally.

Rimac has been a visionary since his youth, having first made money selling patents. Like a true mad scientist, this infusion of cash was rolled back into his creations, allowing him to purchase a beat up BMW which he promptly took into his garage and converted into a Frankenstein electric vehicle.

Illustrating his addiction for speed, Mate scored a handful of Guinness Book of World Records in 2012 by setting the fastest 1/4 mile by an electric car and the fastest 1/8 mile by an electric car.

Mate Rimac sets Guinness Book of Records for fastest 1/4 mile in an electric car on 17 April 2012.

This need for speed burned like a fire in Rimac and from it, he built a team of experts that were capable of bringing his vision to reality from the ground up.

Rimac’s tireless innovation fueled the team and led to other established supercar manufacturers coming to Rimac for its manufacturing prowess. Aston Martin, Koenigsegg and Tajima currently source parts from Rimac with more being added to the list on a regular basis.

Echoing the intense vision with a touch of insanity that we have grown accustomed to after years of hearing Elon Musk talk about producing millions of cars per year, global expansion and $5 billion dollar Gigafactories, Rimac is fully committed to his dream.

“You must be willing to sacrifice and invest yourself entirely, in the financial and non-financial sense.”

While Rimac will likely never see the scale that Tesla is now poised to achieve, Mate is laser-focused on staying the fastest electric car in the world as illustrated by his recent public challenge to race a Bugatti Veyron in a head-to-head race against his lithium ion powered beast. Both drivers left the race convinced that the Rimac Concept_One was the future of hypercars.

With Tesla already having established that electric cars can succeed in global markets while also delivering ludicrous performance, Mate Rimac is similarly pushing to expand globally, convinced that there are enough adrenaline junkies that are just crazy enough to drop $1 million dollars on another Rimac hypercar.

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