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SpaceX Starlink quietly gets ‘Sleep Schedule’ feature

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SpaceX quietly rolled out a new feature for Starlink, its low-latency, high-speed satellite internet service that will allow users to set a “sleep schedule” to conserve energy.

In a screenshot shared to Reddit by u/FateEx1994, the new feature will allow Starlink users to conserve their power by scheduling a time for Starlink to sleep.

During this time, Starlink will pause internet service and stop melting snow. Service and performance could be interrupted during this time, so it is recommended users clear snow from their satellite upon the device’s reactivation in the morning.

PCMag, whose hardware analyst Brian Westover has an account with Starlink, noted that the function was likely designed for Starlink RV customers or for customers living off the grid. This feature would also benefit those using the service in areas impacted by natural disasters or wars, such as Ukraine, which currently has the most Starlink terminals outside of the U.S.

Starlink internet connects to low earth orbiting satellites, enabling anyone with a Starlink antenna to access its high-speed broadband internet in rural and remote regions.

In October, SpaceX began accepting orders for Starlink for RVs and began deliveries in December. This allowed customers who ordered the internet service would be able to use it during the holiday season. The flat, high-performance design was made for users traveling or in motion and, by connecting to more satellites, provides consistent connectivity for those in a moving vehicle.

SpaceX noted that Starlink for RVs is ideal for those traveling to locations that have either unreliable or completely unavailable connectivity.

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SpaceX Starlink quietly gets ‘Sleep Schedule’ feature
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