SpaceX starts accepting Starlink for RVs orders

(Credit: SpaceX)

SpaceX now accepts orders for Starlink for RVs, the high-speed, low-latency internet that works for any moving land object. 

According to SpaceX, Starlink’s Flat High Performance design used on moving land vehicles is available for orders with deliveries beginning in December 2022. The timing of the deliveries means customers who order Starlink for RVs can have some fun adventures during the holidays while on the road. 

The Flat High Performance Starlink device is permanently installed into RVs or other land objects. Starlink’s Flat High Performance design was made for users in motion, unlike Standard Starlink. It has a wide field of view and enhanced GPS capabilities, allowing the Starlink device to connect to more satellites. As a result, Starlink for RVs provides consistent connectivity while in a moving land vehicle. 

“Starlink for RVs is ideal for customers travelling to locations where connectivity has been unreliable or completely unavailable,” noted SpaceX. 

“Users can expect high speed, low latency internet in areas marked “High Capacity”, and notably slower speeds during hours of peak usage in areas marked as ‘Low Capacity’ or during events with many collocated users,” the company added.

SpaceX offers customers a 30-day trial period to try out Starlink for RVs . If customers are not satisfied with the service, they may stop the service and return Starlink for RVs for a full refund on the hardware costs. 

Starlink for RVs is billed in one-month increments. Customers may choose to pause or un-pause the service, depending on their travel and usage needs. 

SpaceX also rolled out Starlink services for sea vessels and aircrafts

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SpaceX starts accepting Starlink for RVs orders
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