Stellantis buys out workers to aid EV transition, following UAW strike

Credit: Stellantis

Amid the ongoing transition to electric vehicles (EVs) and following a historic six-week auto strike, Stellantis has said it plans to offer voluntary buyouts for 6,400 salary workers.

On Monday, Stellantis told workers it was offering the voluntary buyouts to help cut costs in its transition to EVs, according to a report from Reuters. The buyouts are being offered to non-union-represented workers on salary in the U.S., and the figure makes up around half of the company’s roughly 12,700 non-unionized employees.

Around 2,500 U.S. salaried workers are covered under the United Auto Workers (UAW) union and will not be offered the buyout.

Those eligible for the buyout must also have at least five years of experience to be offered the package, and workers who agree would leave by the end of December.

Stellantis said it would take “necessary structural actions to protect our operations and the company,” noting that it’s getting ready “for the transition to electric vehicles.”

The news follows six weeks of strikes from UAW-represented workers against Stellantis, Ford and General Motors (GM) until tentative contract agreements were reached with the union late last month. This was the first time in the union’s history that it targeted all three automakers simultaneously.

In an email reviewing company operations in April, Stellantis COO Mark Stewart said the investigation had “made it clear that we must become more efficient.”

Stellantis also said it would offer 33,500 workers voluntary exit packages in April, covering around 31,000 hourly and 2,500 salaried employees. Canadian employees have also been offered voluntary buyouts.

Last October, the automaker also offered buyouts to salaried workers in the U.S. who were 55 or older and had been employed by the company for 10 or more years.

The tentative UAW contract currently undergoing ratification also includes an offer from Stellantis to offer $50,000 buyouts to skilled trade members and veteran production workers in 2024 and 2026.

Stellantis says UAW strikes cost it less than GM, Ford

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Stellantis buys out workers to aid EV transition, following UAW strike
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