Tesla contacts possible buyers with cutoff date to ensure End-of-Year delivery

Tesla has made it clear to some prospective buyers that if they would like to take delivery of a new vehicle by the end of 2020, they should order their car by December 8th.

According to some sales advisors who have contacted those interested in purchasing the company’s vehicles, Tesla recommends that an order be placed by the date to ensure that it would be delivered by the time 2020 comes to a close.

A text message to one prospective Model 3 buyer from a sales advisor said:

“Hello. Happy Holidays, hope all is well. [redacted] from Tesla here. I wanted to connect to see if you were ready to move forward with a Model 3 order prior to our cutoff date of December 8. If you are still interested in taking delivery before the end of the year, feel free to reach out at your earliest convenience to [redacted]”

Tesla showroom in Century City, CA.

Tesla has always placed emphasis on End-of-Quarter, and End-of-Year production pushes, especially to pump delivery and production numbers up as the fiscal year comes to a close. However, this year, there is a little extra incentive, as Tesla is focused on meeting its 500,000 vehicle production rate for 2020. The company sat at about 170,000 cars short of this figure at the end of Q3, and with steady increases in production and delivery figures, the company is sitting in a prime position to accomplish its lofty goal for 2020.

It would be especially impressive if Tesla could manage to accomplish this feat considering its only U.S. based production facility, which is located in Fremont, California, was shut down for a month and a half due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This facility is responsible for the massive production of the Model 3 and Model Y, and is also the only plant to produce the Model S and Model X, Tesla’s two flagship vehicles.

Tesla usually seeks out the help of owners and enthusiasts to assist in End-of-Year and End-of-Quarter pushes. It is unclear if the electric automaker will continue to do that in 2020. However, Tesla is certainly reaching out to owners in more ways than one to entice prospective buyers to make a purchase just in time for the New Year. After all, a brand new Tesla would look great with a bow on top, and could make a great gift for the sustainable energy fan in your family!.

Tesla contacts possible buyers with cutoff date to ensure End-of-Year delivery
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