Tesla prepares to ramp 4680 battery cell production in California

(Credit: Tesla)

Tesla is preparing to ramp up 4680 battery cell production in Fremont, California. The company recently signed a lease for a new manufacturing facility for essential battery technology that will likely be used for 4680 cell production. 

Sources familiar with the matter told the Business Times that Tesla signed a lease with the industrial real estate investment trust Prologis on a 210,000 sq.ft advanced manufacturing facility. One source shared that the facility would support Tesla’s 4680 battery cell production. 

In Q3 2022, Tesla tripled its 4680 cell production compared to the previous quarter. Elon Musk and the rest of the Tesla board discussed ramping 4680 productions at the third quarter earnings call last year. 

“Yeah, [4680] ramp is going well, as Elon said. Total output is up 3x quarter over quarter, and production is tracking to exceed 1,000 car cells per week this quarter as we said last quarter. Our focus is now shifting from 100% ramp to cost and further expanding production capacity in North America, as Elon also mentioned,” Zachary Kirkhon said. 

Tesla has clarified that 4680 cell production will not interfere with its use of 2170 cells. In fact, Elon Musk and Tesla have stated that the company will continue to experiment with different cell sizes and chemistries. Tesla also plans to continue working with other battery suppliers, including its longtime partners Panasonic, LG Energy Solutions, and CATL. 

The EV manufacturer reached a capacity of 1,000 4680 cells per week by the end of the fourth quarter of last year. Tesla plans to increase its 4680 capacity by another 100 GWh with its Giga Nevada expansion. 

“Our long-term goal is to get to well in excess of 1,000 gigawatt-hours of cells produced internally and continue to use the self cell providers. So to be clear, we will continue to use other cell providers. Just that the demand for lithium ion batteries is quasi-infinite and will be for quite some time. So we feel we can scale a lot faster using both suppliers and internally produced cells,” stated Elon Musk at the Q4 2022 earnings call. 

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Tesla prepares to ramp 4680 battery cell production in California
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