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Tesla dips toes into online advertisements

Tesla recently dipped its toes into online advertisements, launching at least 18 ads on Google. Elon Musk has long resisted the idea of Tesla using advertisements to promote its products. However, many TSLA shareholders and supporters believe ads might help dispel some of the false reports about Tesla and its products. 

A quick search through Google reveals that Tesla didn’t just launch advertisements for the company’s all-electric vehicles but also for Tesla Energy products. The Tesla Google ads appear straightforward, avoiding language that might confuse people. One ad states that the Model 3 and the Model Y have become the number one best-selling EV in the United Kingdom. 

Elon Musk committed to trying Tesla advertising during the 2023 shareholders meeting. “We’ll try a little advertising and see how it goes,” commented Musk. 


The Tesla CEO clarified that Tesla would run informative, aesthetically pleasing, and beautiful advertisements. The recently spotted ads on Good don’t seem to be the types of advertising Musk has planned for Tesla. However, it is an excellent first step. 

Elon Musk’s work at Twitter may have inspired the Tesla CEO to consider advertising Tesla’s products. 

“I just agreed to it; I have fully formed a strategy,” Must said. 

In May, Tesla launched its first video advertisement, discussing the company’s marketing strategies. The video featured many drivers’ experiences with their Tesla vehicles. It was received positively by audiences. 

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Tesla dips toes into online advertisements
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