Stellantis announces EV charging services coming to North America

Stellantis announced electric vehicle (EV) charging services for North America called Free2move Charge. The legacy automaker plans to offer various charging solutions to EV owners with the Free2move Charge platform. 

Stellantis states that the Free2move Charge program delivers charging and energy management to its customers. Stellantis’s Free2move Charge platform adheres to the e-ABC Promise or easy to Always Be Charged. 

“As the pace of mainstream EV adoption accelerates, our customers need us to be more than just a mobility provider,” said Ricardo Stamatti, Stellantis Senior Vice President, Charging & Energy Business Unit. 

“We are taking the lead in establishing a dedicated business unit that will support our bold electrification strategy and act as a natural extension of our iconic brands. Free2move Charge is the first product rolling out, exemplifying our purpose of delivering performance, value, sustainability, and electrified mobility freedom for all,” Stamatti added.

Tesla NACS vs. Stellantis Free2move Charge

The three pillars of Free2move Charge are Charge Home, Charge Business, and Charge GO. Stellantis plans to offer a network of public charging through partners in North America. 

It would be interesting to see how Free2move Charge Go is set up in North America, given the increasing adoption of Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS). 

Texas has already mandated that EV charging providers have stalls compatible with Tesla NACS. Washington State is thinking of following in Texas’s footsteps. If more states require Tesla NACS compatibility from EV service providers, it will affect platforms like Stellantis’ Free2move Charge platform. 

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Stellantis announces EV charging services coming to North America
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