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Tesla Australia owners to get super low charging rates thanks to Origin’s EV Power Up service

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Australian energy firm Origin has launched a service that would most definitely be appreciated by Tesla owners across the country. As per the energy giant, a new feature on its smartphone app would allow Tesla owners to fully recharge their vehicles for under AU$5 under optimal conditions. 

As noted in a report from The Driven, Origin’s EV Power Up service offers Tesla owners a charging rate that’s as low as 8c/kWh regardless of their current Origin electricity plan. This is made possible by EV Power Up charging a Tesla only when electricity rates are optimal. The service also avoids charging a user’s Tesla during peak hours. 

By charging only when electricity prices are low, Origin estimated that Tesla owners could fully recharge their vehicles’ batteries at a price that’s less than a cup of coffee. Using the service is easy as well, as Tesla owners would simply need to plug in their EV at home and specify when they wish to have their vehicle ready for use. Origin’s EV Power Up service would manage the charging session from there. 

Origin noted that its EV Power Up service has the potential to give Tesla drivers up to AU$452 in savings annually compared to standard home charging electricity rates. Drivers who switch from combustion-powered cars to Teslas, on the other hand, could see savings of over AU$1,800 in a year. Brendan Manzie, Origin’s general manager of future energy, noted that the newly-launched service could be a game-changer for Tesla drivers in Australia. 

“EV Power Up will change the game for EV charging in Australia and provide incredible value for money and convenience for our Origin customers. For less than the price of a cup of coffee, people can now fully charge their car during the day or overnight. And it’s as simple as plugging in your EV at home and setting a charge schedule on the Origin app. 

“We’re starting with Tesla vehicles – the most popular EV brand in Australia – and look forward to progressively expanding EV Power Up to support a range of EV models in the near future. Providing solutions for our customers that save them time and money is front of mind for us. EV Power Up will deliver on that, as well as supporting the need for smart orchestration of car batteries on the energy grid, as the number of EVs continues to rise in Australia,” Manzie noted. 

Origin’s EV Power Up service is explained in the video below.

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Tesla Australia owners to get super low charging rates thanks to Origin’s EV Power Up service
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