Tesla Giga Nevada celebrates 5 million drive unit production milestone

Credit: Tesla Manufacturing/X

Tesla Giga Nevada is pretty underrated as far as the electric vehicle maker’s facilities are concerned, but the massive battery and drive unit production facility remains a crucial part of the company’s operations. And based on a recent post on social media platform X, it would appear that Giga Nevada recently achieved a pretty impressive milestone. 

As per the social media post, which was uploaded by the company’s official Tesla Manufacturing account, Giga Nevada has been produced its five millionth drive unit. A photo commemorating the milestone was posted by Tesla, showing the Giga Nevada team posing with some drive units that were produced in the facility. 

Giga Nevada does not produce vehicles, but it manufactures batteries and drive units for Tesla’s two best-selling vehicles in the United States — the Model 3 sedan and Model Y crossover. With this in mind, it would not be an exaggeration to state that Tesla’s Model 3 and Model Y production in the Fremont Factory remains heavily dependent on Giga Nevada.  

Former Tesla executive Rohan Patel shared his thoughts on the milestone in a post on X. As per Patel, it is important to remember that while the idea of a Gigafactory is nothing new today, it is something that bordered on the insane in the past. At the time, critics noted that the demand for Tesla’s electric cars may not even require Giga Nevada’s battery output, which was expected to support 500,000 cars per year. 

“Important to remember just how insane an idea the Gigafactory “1” in Nevada was back in 2013. 40GWh of packs/modules/cells. And enough drive units for 500k+ cars. Seemed like a pipe dream for those of us on the outside at the time. So much hard work and innovation at Giga Nevada that has been imitated by others in clean energy/transport,” Patel wrote in his post on X. 

Giga Nevada continues to play a critical role in Tesla’s operations in the United States, and plans are underway to expand the facility to accommodate a production plant for the Tesla Semi, the company’s Class 8 all-electric truck. The company is currently using the Tesla Semi to transport goods from Giga Nevada to the Fremont Factory, and as per the electric vehicle maker, the Tesla Semi has shipped over 20,000 battery packs out of Giga Nevada as of late March 2024. 

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Tesla Giga Nevada celebrates 5 million drive unit production milestone
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