Tesla’s automatic high beams get shoutout from owners with update 2020.40

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Tesla’s lineup of all-electric vehicles are loaded to the teeth with tech and convenience features, but some of them, while great on paper, have received polarizing reviews. Among them was automatic high beams, which some Tesla owners have previously dubbed as flat-out “unusable” since it sometimes dazzles oncoming traffic. Fortunately, this seems to be changing now. 

Tesla’s automatic high beams have been around for some time. In the Model 3, the feature was rolled out in update V8.1(2018.18.1), to much appreciation from owners of the all-electric sedan. The function has proven to be quite polarizing, however, with a good number of Tesla owners complaining that the feature is inconsistent at best. 

As noted by software tracker Not A Tesla App, the company’s software version 2022.40 actually included an undocumented change in the form of improvements to automatic high beams. And as per comments from a number of Tesla owners, it appears that the improvements to the feature are substantial, so much so that some have noted that the function is now perfectly usable. 

A Tesla owner who runs the YouTube channel EV Raffael posted a video of the new auto high beams in action, noting in the description that the improvements to the feature are a welcome change in 2022.40.4. As could be seen in the video, the feature does seem to work pretty well now. The automatic high beams respond quickly when there are oncoming vehicles, and they’re also fairly quick to engage when there are no cars ahead. 

Fellow Tesla owners echoed similar experiences in social media, with some noting that they barely touch their vehicles’ headlight controls now. Others joked that the team which fixed the automatic high beams should probably also try their hands at fixing Tesla’s automatic wiper controls. Just like automatic high beams, after all, some EV owners have expressed their annoyance at Tesla’s automatic wipers, partly due to the feature’s inconsistency. 

Watch Tesla’s improved automatic high beams feature in the video below. 

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Tesla’s automatic high beams get shoutout from owners with update 2020.40
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