Tesla Battery Day hints escalate as Powerwalls reportedly run low on stock

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Recent reports from third-party installers have mentioned that the supply of Tesla Powerwalls has gotten strangely low as of late, inciting speculations that the electric car maker may be preparing to announce some updates for its battery storage systems in the upcoming Battery Day event. Tesla intends to hold Battery Day this coming September 22, 2020.

Tesla has been pushing its Energy business hard over the past quarters, and in its Q1 2020 Update Letter, the company noted that it has installed its 100,000th Powerwall, a landmark milestone for the home battery unit. As noted by a third-party installer on the r/Solar subreddit, Tesla Powerwall deliveries have actually been very quick during the first half of the year. But as soon as July hit, orders have been delayed, and later, out of stock.

Tesla Powerwalls Out of Stock from r/solar

Quite interestingly, the installer further noted that they have now been notified that they would not be receiving Powerwalls until 2021. This was a rather sudden update from Tesla, especially considering that the company has been aggressively ramping its energy business this year, and prior to July, Powerwall supply to third-party installers have reportedly been consistent.

It should be noted that customers ordering Powerwalls directly from Tesla have remarked that the home battery system is still available for them. With this in mind, it appears that the company is somewhat reserving a certain portion of its Powerwall stock for first-party installations. First-party Tesla Energy installations have been on the rise as well, after all, especially with the company’s efforts to make its solar and battery packages more compelling to customers.

Considering these reports, Tesla may be experiencing a stronger-than-expected demand for the Powerwall, resulting in the company getting overwhelmed with orders. This is quite plausible as the company has dropped its solar prices back in June. Tesla may also be intentionally clearing its current Powerwall stocks to make way for an updated version of the product in the near future — perhaps one that may be unveiled on Battery Day.

As noted by members of the r/TeslaMotors subreddit, Tesla has done a relatively similar strategy when the company rolled out the newest version of its Wall Connector. If Tesla is following a similar playbook with the Powerwall, then the company may very well be poised to announce some new upgrades for the home battery system soon. What these updates may be are merely speculations for now, of course, but it would not be surprising if some tech from Tesla’s expected million-mile battery would be rolled out to the Powerwall.

Tesla Battery Day hints escalate as Powerwalls reportedly run low on stock
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