Tesla Boombox de-escalates potential road rage incident in the best way possible

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Tesla’s Boombox update may be one of the more minor features that the EV maker recently rolled out, but it seems like the quirky little feature is starting to provide some benefits to the road. As recently shared by a Model 3 owner, for example, the Boombox feature could be a pretty darn great way to de-escalate a potential road rage situation. 

Such an experience was shared by Tesla owner u/fokized- of the r/TeslaModel3 subreddit. According to the Tesla enthusiast, he had been playing around with his vehicle’s Toybox and didn’t remember that he had replaced his Model 3’s horn. This went unnoticed for some time, at least until a Chevy Tahoe cut him off as he was leaving an off-ramp. 

Aggravated at the Tahoe’s driving, the Tesla owner slammed on his Model 3’s horn. But just as he was prepared to tell off the SUV driver for cutting him off, the blaring horns and unmistakable tune of La Cucaracha played at maximum volume. This led to another driver staring at the Tesla owner. 

After a moment of confusion, the Model 3 owner realized that the sounds were from his Tesla’s Boombox feature. And considering how silly his horn was, it became pretty difficult to stay aggravated at the Chevy Tahoe’s driver. Needless to say, the Tesla owner’s road rage significantly subsided. 

Numerous other Tesla owners shared similar (sometimes embarrassing) experiences with their Boomboxes, particularly with sounds like goat screams and DJ horns. Others shared experiences of dissipating road rage as their vehicles farted at another car. Silly as it may be, it appears that Tesla’s Boombox feature, which seems to be more of a fun, joke-like function, is actually making the roads somewhat safer. 

Road rage is a serious problem. US statistics indicate that one in three collisions in the country involve road rage, and eight out of ten Americans are involved in road rage behavior at least once a year. Road rage is also the cause of approximately 30 murders in the United States annually. With these statistics in mind, it is no wonder that Tesla owners are starting to become thankful that their vehicles have access to a Boombox, silly as it may be. 

It’s pretty darn hard to stay mad, after all, if one’s car just farted in another vehicle’s direction. 

Check out Tesla’s Boombox sounds in the video below.

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Tesla Boombox de-escalates potential road rage incident in the best way possible
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