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Tesla bull shares expectations for 3rd-gen “Model 2” platform

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A Tesla bull has shared some of the street’s expectations for the electric vehicle maker’s next-generation vehicle platform. Much of the excitement surrounding the upcoming 2023 Investor Day event lies in a vehicle that’s yet to be unveiled — a smaller, more affordable car informally dubbed in EV circles as “Model 2.” 

As noted by New Street Research Managing Partner Pierre Ferragu, the “Model 2” is a critical component of Tesla’s continued success. And while details about the vehicle will likely be discussed on Investor Day, the Wall Street veteran shared some tidbits about what New Street expects from the vehicle. 

First off, Ferragu estimated that the upcoming vehicle would be about 15% shorter, 30% lighter, and have a battery that’s 25% smaller than the pack installed on the Model 3. The analyst explained how New Street Research was able to come up with its estimates. “We looked at how ICE compacts compare to mid-size ICE sedans and extrapolated the comparison between Model 3 and ICE mid-size sedans to reach this conclusion,” Ferragu wrote on Twitter. 

Apart from this, New Street Research expects the “Model 2” to be about 37% less expensive to build compared to the Model 3. Half of these cost savings would likely be due to the car’s smaller size, while the other half would likely be due to design, architecture, and manufacturing innovations. Elon Musk, for his part, has mentioned in the past that with its next-generation platform, Tesla would aim to make two cars for the same effort it takes to produce one Model 3 today.

Considering the advantages inherent in Teslas, such as FSD/Autopilot, superior range and performance, as well as the Supercharger Network, Ferragu noted that the “Model 2” would likely command a premium over vehicles like the Toyota Corolla, similar to how the Model 3 commands a premium over a Honda Accord. Despite this, the “Model 2” would likely be competitive. This was certainly the case last year wth the Model 3 and Model Y, both of which performed well despite their steep prices. 

That being said, the analyst noted that Tesla might be able to maintain a gross margin heading towards 30% for vehicles, even with a smaller, more affordable vehicle in the mix. And considering its expected price of $25K MSRP, the upcoming affordable electric car would effectively address about 80% of the auto market. With this, Ferragu noted that the vehicle could ultimately pave the way for Tesla to exceed 12 million units in 2030. This is optimistic considering Tesla’s volumes today, though it should be noted that the EV maker is looking to achieve an output of 20 million vehicles per year by the end of the decade.

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Tesla bull shares expectations for 3rd-gen “Model 2” platform
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