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Tesla brings CCS adapter to Korean market, intends North American launch soon

Credit: Tesla

Tesla has brought its new CCS adapter to the Korean market, which is currently the only market that it is available. The automaker will bring the CCS adapter, which allows owners to charge at non-Tesla EV charging sites, to North America “soon.”

Tesla has, without a doubt, the most robust EV charging network in the world. It should, especially as it is the face of electric vehicles. However, more options are available with a CCS adapter, which would allow owners to utilize other charging sites that are not compatible with the Tesla charging port. This is an issue that only North American Tesla owners face as of now, as Tesla uses CCS in Europe, ever since the automaker launched the all-electric Model 3 sedan.

Tesla now has launched a CCS Combo 1 Adapter in Korea, which is compatible with the Model 3 and Model Y. The Model S and Model X CCS adapter was launched in 2019 as Tesla ramped up the output and installation of Supercharger stalls and stations globally. Now that a new adapter is available for the Model 3 and Model Y, owners are going to be able to charge at various EV charging locations and will not be limited to Tesla Superchargers and Destination chargers.

Credit: Tesla

The addition of the CCS adapter is advantageous for owners in markets where Superchargers are not plentiful as of yet. South Korea is a country that fits this description, as many of its Tesla Supercharger locations are confined to the Northwest corner of the country. There are Superchargers all around South Korea, but there are regions where charging stations are few and far between.

Even if you’re in a country or location where Superchargers are popular and in plenty of locations, a CCS adapter is not a bad thing to have. It only increases the number of available charging options for owners, who might be willing to utilize third-party charging stations to gain a few miles of range before hitting a Supercharger or just need to make it home in a pinch after they did not have time to charge in the hours before their trip. Because of this, Tesla stated on its Charging-dedicated Twitter page that it would bring the CCS adapter to North America “soon.”

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Tesla brings CCS adapter to Korean market, intends North American launch soon
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