Tesla China on track for blockbuster quarter as weekly insurance registrations hit over 18k

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Tesla China is poised for a blockbuster quarter. This comes amidst the company’s strong weekly insurance registrations, which hit over 18,000 units during the week of March 13-19, 2023. 

Industry watchers in China have released their data for the domestic automotive market’s weekly insurance registrations. As per tracked data, insurance registrations for China’s NEV sector were at 113,000 last week, a 4.6% improvement from the 108,000 units from the week prior. 

As per industry data, Tesla China saw 18,712 insurance registrations in the week ending March 19, a 9.8% improvement compared to the previous week’s 17,032 registrations. Considering that Tesla China also saw 13,266 registrations during March’s first week, the electric vehicle maker has sold around 49,000 vehicles domestically this month so far. 

A quick look at Tesla China’s performance in the domestic automotive market over the past month shows that the week ending March 19 was the best week for the electric vehicle maker since late November. The week ending March 19 also represents the second-best week ever in terms of insurance registration data, falling just behind the week of September 19-25, 2022, when a total of 23,109 units were registered

Considering these results, Tesla China’s insurance registrations have already passed about 106,000 units for the first quarter with a week and a half to spare. Provided that Tesla China maintains its momentum during the final days of March, the electric vehicle maker may have a shot at posting record quarterly numbers for domestic sales. This is incredibly impressive as the Chinese New Year also affected domestic sales this quarter.

Other carmakers in the country’s NEV sector saw mixed results. Similar to previous weeks, BYD saw the most insurance registrations in China with 38,414 units last week, a 3.4% improvement from the 37,141 registrations it saw in the previous week. This number, however, includes vehicles that are not purely battery-electric. NIO, on the other hand, saw an 18% drop in registrations, from 2,170 in March’s second week to the past week’s 1,775 units. 

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Tesla China on track for blockbuster quarter as weekly insurance registrations hit over 18k
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