Ford teases its first SUV EV made in Europe [Feature]

(Credit: Ford)

Ford dropped a teaser for its SUV electric vehicle made in Europe. The legacy automaker–and one of Detroit’s Big 3 automakers–plans to unveil the all-electric SUV on Tuesday, March 21. 

In its teaser, Ford revealed its SUV EV to employees in Germany. The new all-electric Ford SUV was made in Cologne, Germany, so it’s fitting that local employees saw it first. 

The reactions of the employees teased an exciting Ford SUV EV. Some employees seemed pleasantly surprised by the Ford EV, while others were in awe of it. 

“People are going to recognize this car as the electric Ford,” one employee commented.

“Nice, I was expecting evolution, but this is definitely revolution,” another employee said after seeing Ford’s new SUV EV. 

Ford provided a link to the livestream of the new SUV EV’s premiere. As of this writing, the timer states that the new Ford EV will debut in 5 hours at 13:00 CET.

Ford and Volkswagen’s Partnership

Last month, Martin Sander— who leads Ford’s Model e division in Europe—hinted that the upcoming vehicle might pay homage to old Ford SUVs but elevate them to fit the modern electric vehicle era. The new all-electric Ford SUV will be built on Volkswagen’s MEB platform. 

VW has released electric vehicles that paid homage to some of the German automaker’s most popular car designs. For example, the ID.Buzz was inspired by VW’s minibus. Given its partnership with Volkswagen, Ford might have followed a similar mindset with its new electric SUV made in Europe.

Volkswagen Group CEO Oliver Blume teased a burgeoning partnership between the German automaker and Ford. Blume stated that VW and Ford’s partnership was “intensifying,” despite reports in early 2023 claiming that Ford does not want to remain dependent on VW technology. 

The German automaker recently announced the MEB Entry platform while telling the world about the development of the ID.2. Like Tesla’s next-generation platform and expected Model 2 announcement, Volkswagen is preparing a new lineup of electric vehicles with its next-generation MEB platform. 

Considering VW’s partnership with Ford, the American automaker’s upcoming SUV EV from Cologne might show the direction Europe’s electric vehicles are headed in the near term. Ford plans to launch two electric vehicles in Europe this year. Both upcoming Ford EVs will be using Volkswagen technology. By the mid-decade, Ford intends to use its own in-house system for cars made in Cologne. 

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Ford teases its first SUV EV made in Europe [Feature]
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